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chameleonDespite being a butterfly farm. There was a ton of other stuff to see! Just like this chameleon here. I opened this up in photoshop, masked out the reptile, then added a black and white filter to the background.

Work work work…

becky falls

It’s been so long since I had last uploaded a photo. I just don’t have the time anymore, which sad because I really do love taking photos and uploading them for you amazing bloggers out there.  Maybe I will pursue my photography after my accountancy exams  (One next week Friday and also another one right before Christmas). I was planning on going on a little adventure to a national park. Nothing like yellow stone but I sure should be able to get some great pictures wherever it is I plan to go.


Today I’m uploading two pictures. Not ones I’ve taken recently, but ones you haven’t seen yet. The picture above was taken when I visited Becky falls in the UK. I really love the long exposure effect on the water. Makes it look nice and smooth and really does enhance the overall picture. 

Bear Grylls or not so much?


Have you ever watched Bear Grylls and seen the kind of stuff he does? Im not even going to talk about the food he eats let alone what he drinks when he cant find water.  Anyway I thought I could at least try one of the things he does on his show, and that was trying to light a fire with a flint and steel. So I purchased a magnesium flint and steel striker from Ebay and as soon as it came through the mail I went straight to the garden to give it a go.  1 minute later I had a fire going…..  Ha! 1 hour later more like. Its so hard for the sparks to catch onto the tinder (dry grass). In the end I grabbed a tissue and wow how quick it took then! I bet the boy scouts and people who go to summer camp are probably laughing right now. But the time was worth it. It kind of feels like I gained half of a achievement I guess.

This shot was taken shortly after I managed to cheat my way into lighting a fire. I then opened the shot up in Adobe Photoshop, added a black and white adjustment and masked out all colour but the flame itself.

Look whats lurking around the garden.

I dont think this spider was expecting the paparazzi to be taking pictures of him. This little fella was found by my little sister aged 8 who started screaming at the site of the spider and ordered me to “Kill him”. I thought thats pretty cruel as the spider was in its own environment and was doing no harm. I ran inside and grabbed my camera and then disembarked on a quest to find the now scared spider who had decided he didn’t want to stick around any longer. In the end I found him and got some great shots before returning him back to his web safely and not as my sister ordered: “kill him”

May 2013

Fly rgb

May was a great month for me with my photography. I managed to get tons of great macro shots but I just haven’t had the time to edit and upload them yet but I’ll get onto it.

“Life isn’t always amazing; there will be times of trial and times of struggle along the way but don’t give up, be strong, believe in yourself and show life that you are going to make it no matter what it throws at you”. ~ Unknown

– Salim Willshire

Up close and personal

up close and personalWhile on holiday at devon I was given some old photography gear by a great man called Alan so thanks a lot for that Alan, I really appreciate it. Although the lens’s were for a Contax SLR, I purchased a Contax to Nikon mount off eBay. These lenses work great for macro work with extension tubes like the shot above. I had to use a rolled a piece of paper attached to the top of the lens to bounce the flash light onto the tiny fly. I don’t actually own a flashgun yet but plan to buy one soon. I just use my popup flash which I have learned, has it’s limits. If anyone else  has any other methods on how they light their subjects in macro work, please comment as I love learning new tips and tricks that will help me progress my knowledge of photography. Thanks

Lets go black and white

Waterfall (b&w + water colour)

A little twist to the waterfall shot taken at becky falls.

Becky falls



Becky falls is a great place to go if you’re interested in trying to get a waterfall shot with that silky smooth water look. Beautiful waterfalls but too bad about the admission costs. Well i guess £7.49 is alright to get into such a scenic place…

Panoramic at Haytor

Panoramic Haytor


Haytor is one of the most visited locations in Dartmoor. At high altitudes it is blisteringly cold and nearly makes it impossible to hold your camera still, without shaking. Luckily i managed to get a nice panoramic before making a dash back to the warm car.


driftwoodAnother shot at Exmouth beach, Devon, UK.




Copyright © 2012 - 2013 Salim Willshire Photography all rights reserved

Copyright © 2012 – 2013 Salim Willshire Photography all rights reserved

First person to spot 4 differences between this picture and the same picture (its on this page a few posts down) will gain a follower! 😀

Blue crown *update*

blue crown updated

Copyright © 2012 – 2013 Salim Willshire Photography all rights reserved


The power of Adobe Photoshop is incredible! well, when you have the time 😀  look at how amazing this looks compared to the one below :O just an hours editing can make a big difference. Oh and also you can now purchase my photos from the commissions page on this site. Thanks!

Blue crown

Copyright © 2012 - 2013 Salim Willshire Photography all rights reserved

Copyright © 2012 – 2013 Salim Willshire Photography all rights reserved

Settings: 1/200 f/4.5 ISO 64 11mm

I can never quite capture the droplet in mid-air like Bopbie does…

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First droplet shot


Copyright © 2012 – 2013 Salim Willshire Photography all rights reserved

Settings: 1/100 f/5.2 ISO 64 19mm (On camera flash fired)

This is my first droplet shot! i know it’s not the best but i’ll keep trying to improve, it doesn’t help having to use auto focus all the while. I was inspired to take droplet shots by Bopie, who has some excellent droplet shots. check out his blog to see his amazing work:

Black and white screen sharp

Copyright © 2012 – 2013 Salim Willshire Photography all rights reserved

Settings: 1/60 f/3.1 ISO 100 4mm

My first black and white photo! I’ve always thought black and white was old school, but i was wrong. It really makes a scene dramatic, so thanks a lot carrieblueberry for the inspiration. Take a look at some of her amazing black and whites at her blog:

Hendra helix

wild flower screen sharp

Copyright © 2012 – 2013 Salim Willshire Photography all rights reserved.

Settings: 1/50 f/3.1 ISO 100 4mm

Thanks a lot Aamna for the name of this flower 😀 true legend!

Replicate ND grad filter using Adobe Photoshop

This is a tutorial I’ve made to contribute to the amazing WordPress community. And yes i mean amazing. Over the past few days my blog/portfolio has grown vastly, and that’s only because of you guys so thanks a lot!

Lets move on. In this tutorial i will be showing you how to replicate a Graduated neutral density filter using Adobe Photoshop. Keep in mind that the effect will not be as good as when you would use a real ND grad filter. But this is a great way for people starting out with photography, like myself.

First you’ll need to open up your image. I have one i was messing around with earlier:

Starting image

OK next you will want to grab the selection tool, and highlight your sky as shown:

selecting your skyNow’s the effect part. Create a new layer without deselecting your sky then click on the gradient tool. Make sure your tool is from black to transparent (like in the image below) Then hold shift and click ‘n’ drag from the top of your sky, to the bottom half. Like so:

effect It looks a little weird right now so change the layer to overlay and increase/decrease the opacity. Don’t over do it:adjustments

Wow, i say don’t over do it and i put it to 98%! But it looks great were it is. We still have one problem though, and that is that we have a strong vignette on our picture. We can remove that in these simple steps:

1. Deselect our sky (ctrl + d on windows and cmd + d on mac)

2.Highlight the two layers we have by holding shift and clicking on both of them in the “layers” tab. Then right click the layers highlighted in the “layers” tab and click “merge layers”

3. Next click filter, then lens correction . Now select the “custom” tab and adjust vignette. You can see that by dragging the vignette slider to the right the vignette will slowly start to disappear. Don’t over do it! i mean it this time because otherwise you will get a horrible white vignette around your photo. You should get a finished picture like so:

Replicate Grad ND

This is our results and i think they turned out great although they aren’t as good as a ND grad:

As you can see the sky is more washed out to begin with , and then bought back using this very simple and effective replica of a ND Grad filter

As you can see the sky is more washed out to begin with , and then bought back using this very simple and effective replica of a ND Grad filter

  Thanks! Please be sure to rate and comment 😀 i would love to hear your thoughts and maybe results if you tried this out.